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SnapChat filters are my lifesource some days when I just need a silly and fun break from life. Is Twitter your favorite? SnapChat? Either way, there’s some changes you’ve likely already seen or will soon. As long as I can still pretend to be a Christmas reindeer or look like I’m ice skating with myself to cheesy background music, I’ll be happy. I’m easy to please.


Twitter & Snapchat Changes

Granger Smith Is One Cool Dude!!

It’s stories like this that make me love country music even more …. I didn’t even think that was possible, lol. Granger is a solid dude who knows how important his fans are and always puts his money where his mouth is. Good job, Granger. I know you made this hard working young lady’s night.

Granger Smith Drives Two Hours to Surprise Fan

Be Still My Heart ……

This little girl is so precious!! Yes, this video caused the ol “ugly cry” but it was worth every weird facial expression just to experience her joy from a distance.

Dream Tour!!

One of my favorite things to do is put together dream tours in my mind: Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean/Miranda Lambert for example. Pink Floyd/Genesis (all original members) is another.

Anyway, this isn’t one that came to mind but when I saw this line-up, I just about YEEHAWED! my way into the nuthouse. This is AMAZING!! As of now, the closest they get to us is Atlanta, but I sure hope that will change.

Who would be YOUR dream tour? Let me know at and we’ll swap some great stories!!


Thank you for making 97.5FM, your Hometown Country Station. Be sure you have a battery operated radio (with plenty of batteries) so you can stay informed should you lose power. We will be here with you, before and after, through Hurricane Irma.

Based on the current track and estimated time of arrival in Polk County of Hurricane Irma, the following public shelters will be open on Saturday, Sept. 9 at 7 a.m.:

• Lake Region High School, 1995 Thunder Road, Eagle Lake
• Tenoroc High School, 4905 Saddle Creek Rd., Lakeland
• Spook Hill Elementary, 321 Dr. J.A. Wiltshire Ave., E., Lake Wales
• Mulberry Middle School, 500 Martin Luther King Ave., Mulberry
• Lake Marion Creek Elem., 3055 Lk. Marion Creek Rd., Poinciana
• Horizons Elementary, 1700 Forest Lake Drive, Davenport
• Chain of Lakes Elementary, 7001 CR 653, Winter Haven
• Davenport School of the Arts, 4751 N CR 547, Davenport
• Donald Bronson Community Center, 124 Bronson Trail, Polk City

“Special Needs” Shelters will also open at 7 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 9, for those residents with special medical needs. Polk County Emergency Management Special Needs Program is designed to provide shelter and/or transportation for residents with medical or physical conditions and/or dependent on medical electrical equipment who require assistance during an emergency. The “Special Needs” Shelters are located at:
• Polk Co. Health Department, 1255 Brice Blvd., Bartow
• Ridge Community H. S., 500 W. Orchid Dr., Davenport
• McKeel Academy, 1810 W. Parker St., Lakeland

The only “pet friendly” shelter that will be open on Saturday at 7 a.m. will be at Lake Region High School, 1995 Thunder Road, Eagle Lake. Pet owners must bring shot records for their pets, an airline-approved carrying case or crate and pet food.
For the most updated information, please continue to monitor your local news media or call the Citizen’s Information Line at 863-401-2234 (locally) or toll-free 866-661-0228.

We love you and pray for the safety of you and your family during these scary times,


Cancer Sucks.

This morning I read of someone else from our country music community being diagnosed with cancer. Why? Why won’t this beast just leave us alone? I had to say goodbye to the greatest man I’ve ever known because of this awful disease and I know so many others who have also had to say goodbye to those they love the most. I just don’t understand.

September is National Childhood Awareness Month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. March is National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. November is National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. It goes on and on. We need an end to this …. NOW!!

Let’s keep Jo Dee and all those who love her in our thoughts and prayers.


Jo Dee Messina Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Hurricane Harvey & How You Can Help!

As many of you know, I lived in Houston for ten years. I spent all my high school and college years there before returning to my hometown of Lakeland to work for this great radio station. My best high school still lives there – along with most of my high school friends. She and I have stayed in touch non stop during this whole event from the days leading up to it and still in daily contact. The devastation is worse than most could even imagine. Not even the pictures do it justice because they don’t take into account the smells, the heat, the tears shed on your shoulder by your neighbor and countless other things. FOUR of my high school friends have lost their homes with many more still in danger. I cry sometimes thinking about it.

Please help! You can donate to the American Red Cross right now by texting the word HARVEY to 90999. A $10 donation will immediately be made to the American Red Cross who has boots on the ground and are working 24/7 to help tens of thousands of displaced families. If you are the praying kind, I would ask that you add the great state of Texas to your prayers. The people there are like none other and will rebuild but they have YEARS ahead of them and need our help.

This is our time to come together as one country. United.

Thirteen Reasons Why …. but more importantly, why NOT!!

Most of you have probably heard of the Netflix original series ’13 Reasons Why’ by now. If not, it’s a series dedicated to a teenage girl who took her own life due to bullying and some other pretty serious issues that face young people everyday. Her story is told through a series of tapes she made before her suicide and are passed out after her death.

Here’s the thing: this is a controversial series. Many schools don’t want teenagers watching it. Many parents don’t want their children watching it. I can understand why parents may not want their kids seeing this because it can be pretty brutal, but LIFE is brutal and this series brings to light many very real-life situations that face teenagers everyday. I was personally a victim to quite a few of the issues touched on when I was a teenager so I speak from a place not of judgment, but of experience, so I am very passionate about this show and its message.

What I want to tell you is that suicide is NEVER the answer. NEVER! You are beautiful. You are unique. You are loved. If you are thinking about suicide, please don’t do it. If you know someone who is thinking about it, get them help. You are NOT alone and confidential help is available for free by calling the Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255 ….. if nothing else, please click the link below and read how very much you are loved and needed in this world.

Love, light, and blessings …. Jeni <3

Thirteen Reasons Why NOT!!

Let’s Get Real …

This is probably the most “real” post I’ve done to date. Over the past few years, I (sadly) have known quite a few Moms who have had to say goodbye to their children; one was my Grandma who had to watch her son suffer a painful death in her 90’s. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself asking “why?” Why did this beautiful God-loving woman live such a long and blessed life only to watch her only son die when NO mother should have to bury their child.

Anyway, whether you are young or old – or your child is young or old – this is the MOST heartbreaking event that could ever happen to a parent. It was the most recent loss of sweet baby Elijah that really hit me hard. One day, his beautiful mother was watching him laugh and play …. less than two weeks later, she was telling him goodbye here on Earth. I have thought so much about her since that day. I pray for her every night. I only know her through Facebook and have never had a close friend lose their child (thank you Lord) but I know I would have NO idea what to say to them or how to best help them in their time of greatest need. Elijah’s own Mom posted the article below on her Facebook page asking for people to read it for a greater understanding into what she’s going through. I read it. I cried. Now, I pass it along to you. Whether you have been personally touched by a tragedy like this or not, I hope this article brings you some insight because “I know you feel” doesn’t cut it. You don’t, but you can learn with them. God bless you Amber (and all Moms who have lost their children) today and everyday of your life.

When A Friend Has Lost Their Child …


As you may have heard by now Thomas Rhett and his beautiful wife Lauren are expecting their first child together and it’s a GIRL!! They are also in the process of adopting a child from Africa so life is going to be wild here pretty quick.

How they found out about this unexpected bundle of joy is a pretty cool story. Click the link below to find out why TR wasn’t even in the ROOM when Lauren found out and where exactly he was. Such cool people and such wonderful news!!

This is how best friends ROLL!!

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