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Does your marriage seem “boring?”

I think we can all agree that is seems like marriages are failing at a record pace these days … the million dollar question is WHY?!? Turns out that amazing thing known as TECHNOLOGY is a major factor.

Don’t let your marriage become a statistic. Click the link below to find out the ‘top five reasons marriages don’t work’ and get a jumpstart on NOT becoming a victim yourself. Love is too special and too rare to let slip out of your hands. I mean, ladies, how many frogs do you really want to have to kiss? 😉

Don’t let your marriage grow cold!

I now pronounce you man and wife …… and broke.

So I’m neck deep in planning in our wedding and WOW, are they expensive ? We are having a super small, very intimate ceremony followed by a dinner rather than a big reception so we could “save money.” Yeah. That would be a BIG OL no. The courthouse has looked pretty good a few times during this process, haha.

Seriously though, we want to have the day of celebrating the love we share so it’s worth it, but it isn’t easy or cheap in any way. I thought maybe I was just crazy but it turns out it’s a trend, weddings are more expensive than ever. If you’re a bride-to-be (or think you might become one soon) start saving now!


Weddings are expensive!


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and now …………… IT’S HERE!! The first duet from Tim & Faith in years. Get your first listen right now. It’s called ‘Keep Your Eyes On Me’ and it’s everthing I have been hoping for and more. They have true magic when they sing together.

This is the lead track off the Official Soundtrack from the movie The Shack. Tim will also co-star in the movie.

Let me catch you later, I need to listen to this 1,000 times in a row!!

Turns out vampires are real after all ….

…. it’s just not what you thought.

Have you ever shared your life space with someone who just sucked the life right of you? My hand is up!! What a miserable way to live. I got out and you should too. These vampires don’t look like Stefan – and certainly not like Damon – and they are the most draining people on Earth.

It’s a new year. Rid yourself of the people who don’t bring the light into your life. Keep a special lookout for ‘The Narcissist’ – they are the absolute worst and are, most often, in sheep’s clothing. I learned that lesson the hard way. Don’t be like Jeni, bid them farewell now! Click the link below for the best ways to cleanse your life of this kind of bloodsucker.

I Vill Suck Your Blood …. BYE VAMPS!!

When Will It End?

When Will It End?

This morning, we mourn the loss of yet ANOTHER brave member of law enforcement. Earlier this morning, an Orlando Police officer was gunned down by some scurge for simply doing her job. After being accused of shooting (and killing) his pregnant in December, law enforcement have been on the look-out for Markeith Loyd to arrest him. This morning after shooting at one deputy and car-jacking an innocent citizen, the suspect then gunned down an officer in cold blood. He is now on the run!

Several schools in the area have been placed on lockdown because of police activity. Those schools include Evans High; Meadowbrook Middle and Lockhart Middle; and Pine Hills Elementary, Rolling Hills Elementary and Lockhart Elementary. Please click the link below for the latest.

Look, no one (and I mean NO ONE) is braver than the men and women of law enforcement and our American soldiers. When will this end?!? My prayers are with the OPD, this officer’s family and friends, and all those who have gone before her. It just makes me sick!

Thoughts & Prayers for Orlando Police Department!

Music, Music, and more Music!!

2016 was a great year for many things and music was definitely one of them!! Click the link and check out a list of 2016’s best songs. Is there one missing from the list you’d like to share? Is there one you think shouldn’t be on the list? Your feedback is always my favorite.

Peace, love, and music!

2016’s Top Songs!

Welcome To 2017!!

Hey!! 2016 was a great year for me. A new love, new friendship, a re-energized passion for playing live music BUT 2017 is full of even more excitement as I’ll be GETTING MARRIED!! Yay <3

2016 did hold some challenges for many though and the most contentious election in American history has left a lot of people on edge. I loved this article about how -as a nation- we are feeling as we head into the coming year. Take a read yourself and let me know what you think. I can always be reached at

Much love and blessings!!

Click here for the New Year, New Me article.

Trent Harmon at Music Ranch!

Our 97 Country Listener Appreciation shows are one of the favorite things we do at the station. It’s a chance to hang out with our loyal listeners and give them the chance to get up close to some of the greatest talent coming out of Nashville. Our latest show, on September 22nd, brought American Idol Trent Harmon to town. During his hour long set, he proved that his pipes are just as powerful in person as they were on TV.

After the  show, attendees were able to take pictures, tell Trent how many times they voted for him, and even sneak in a couple of autographs. Meet and Greet photos are available for download on our 97 Country Facebook page.

All of our Listener Appreciation Shows at Music Ranch are FREE, but do require tickets. Shows and ticket giveaway dates are announced on 97 Country, so keep listening!


Trent Harmon was the last and final winner of American Idol, once again proving Country is the best genre there is!
Trent Harmon was the last and final winner of American Idol, once again proving Country is the best genre there is!


The 97 Country Breakfast Club with Trent Harmon!
The 97 Country Breakfast Club with Trent Harmon!


Jeni Taylor with Trent Harmon!
Jeni Taylor with Trent Harmon!
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