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01/25/01 - 06/06/08
Forever My Best Friend, I love & miss you Bubba


Favorite Country Stars?

Michael Ray, Hunter Smith, Conway, Miranda & Pistol Annies,
 “Chief” (Eric Church), Kacey Musgraves, Mo Pitney,
 Kenny, Garth, Trisha, Terri, and of course, Gretchen!

Favorite Country Songs Of All Time?

There are so many!  "Once In A Blue Moon" & "What I'd Say" by Earl Thomas Conley, the entire "Old Blue Chair" album (Kenny Chesney), "Real Live Woman" by Trisha Yearwood, "Some Fools Never Learn" by Steve Wariner, basically any of the songs on the weekend classic shows!

Favorite Actor/Actress?

I’m soooo not a “Hollywood” person…um Sandra Bullock?!  I really have no opinion!

Favorite Movies?

"50 Shades",“Fight Club”, "Top Gun", "Sixteen Candles",
"Smokey And The Bandit", "Godfather I & II", "Urban
Cowboy" and "The Goonies"

Favorite Books?

Lol "50 Shades"!!!

Favorite Food?

I’m a meat and potatoes girl…but I ADORE dill pickles…ADORE ADORE ADORE…but I AM a pickle snob -- it has
to be a certain kind.

Favorite Beverage? 


Favorite Vehicle?

I miss my Jeep…but I LOVE my Tacoma (I named him "Conway")...it's sexyyyyyyyy

Favorite Sport?

Archery, Fishin' & College Football...




I'm a music dork, I love ALL different genres of music.  Fishin', shootin' skeet, archery, huntin', cookin' on the grill, hangin' out with my friends OTP ....yep, I'm a Polk County girl alright!

Favorite Vacation Spot?

Considering I am TERRIFIED of flying, but I do love Englewood & Boca Grande, East Tennessee and
Boone, North Carolina

Most Influential Person(s) In Your Life?

Julie Dantzler.  There was a point in my teenage years where I was at a crossroads, and she believed in me when I felt nobody else did.  I have her to thank for the success that I've become.

Most Memorable Radio Experience?

There are SO many involving Michael Ray,
from the first time he sold out The House of Blues
and watching the people sing his songs back to him...
To listening to him debut on the Grand Ol' Opry...
Just knowing that I had a hand in that, it's

If You Weren't In Radio, What Would You Be Doing?

I've thought about that so much,
it's all I know!  I wouldn't know what
I would do without music in my life.

If You Would Have Been Nominated "Most Likely To" in High School, What Would it Have Been:

Make friends where ever she goes!