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Meet Tom O'Brien

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Favorite Country Stars? 

Pat Green, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw 
Favorite Country Songs Of All Time?  
"King Of The Road" by Roger Miller.  "Wave On Wave" by Pat Green, "Please Remember Me" by Tim McGraw 
Favorite Actor/Actress?  
Favorite Movies?  
"Journey To The Center Of The Earth" (1959 version with Pat Boone and James Mason), "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind", "Legend of 1900", "Tombstone", "Unforgiven", anything by Hitchcock 

Favorite Books?  
Hate to read 
Favorite Food?  
Anything greasy 
Favorite Beverage?  
Favorite Vehicle?  
Favorite Sport?  
Baseball, football 
Collecting movies & knowledge of them, old songs & TV shows 
Favorite Vacation Spot?  
The 97 Country studio 
Most Influential Person(s) In Your Life?  
My wife, Pat
Most Memorable Radio Experience?  
Winning CMA award 
If You Weren't In Radio, What Would You Be Doing?  
Got me
If You Had Been Voted 'Most Likely To...' In School, What Would It Have Been?  
Most Likely To: be sent to Detention — or hit on every girl I see.