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One thought on “Embarrassing Dads!

  • My sophomore year in high school my dad took me shopping at Lakeside Village. He waited outside while I ran into Victoria’s Secret and when I was done I walked outside and saw a group of guys that I was friends with at school. So I gave my bag to my dad to hold on to while I went and talked to them for a little bit and about five minutes later, here comes my dad making his way into the circle. He held up the bag, grabbed a handful of underwear & pulled them out holding them eye-level to everyone (of course he had to make sure EVERYONE saw what he had)…..and he asks “I can’t believe girls were these! Do y’all really like this stuff now!?”
    I was so embarrassed, I wouldn’t talk to him the rest of the weekend. it’s now a regular family story that is shared. Definitely something I laugh about! He had an in your face kind of humor lol

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