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Let’s Get Real …

This is probably the most “real” post I’ve done to date. Over the past few years, I (sadly) have known quite a few Moms who have had to say goodbye to their children; one was my Grandma who had to watch her son suffer a painful death in her 90’s. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself asking “why?” Why did this beautiful God-loving woman live such a long and blessed life only to watch her only son die when NO mother should have to bury their child.

Anyway, whether you are young or old – or your child is young or old – this is the MOST heartbreaking event that could ever happen to a parent. It was the most recent loss of sweet baby Elijah that really hit me hard. One day, his beautiful mother was watching him laugh and play …. less than two weeks later, she was telling him goodbye here on Earth. I have thought so much about her since that day. I pray for her every night. I only know her through Facebook and have never had a close friend lose their child (thank you Lord) but I know I would have NO idea what to say to them or how to best help them in their time of greatest need. Elijah’s own Mom posted the article below on her Facebook page asking for people to read it for a greater understanding into what she’s going through. I read it. I cried. Now, I pass it along to you. Whether you have been personally touched by a tragedy like this or not, I hope this article brings you some insight because “I know you feel” doesn’t cut it. You don’t, but you can learn with them. God bless you Amber (and all Moms who have lost their children) today and everyday of your life.

When A Friend Has Lost Their Child …

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