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Hi I’m Dave Day! I started working in Radio in 1973. I worked at the station that my Stepdad sold ads for. I also worked in nightclubs spinning records. I had three part time jobs plus a full time job for many years. Still ain’t rich! I was also a Show audio/switcher at V32k. I worked audio for the Richard Shanks Show. I was the backstage announcer for Miss USA alongside Bob Barker! I did an Afternoon show from 30 Rock in New York City, and did the first  satellite broadcast to Lakeland with Saturday Night Live announcer and legend Bob Pardo. I’ve been working at 97 Country for decades! I LOVE Aviation, and I’ve covered Lakeland’s Sun N’ Fun Expo since 1973. I’ve also volunteered at Sun N Fun for 20 years. I’ll fly in anything, anytime, anywhere. I’ve flown with the legendary Joseph Kittinger, who set a world record for the highest skydive from a height greater than 31 kilometres (19 miles). I’ ve also hunted rabbits in a Huey, and in my spare time I enjoy making fishing lures & walking sticks.

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