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Please Listen To This Letter From One Of Our Polk County Students!

Thank you 13 year old Gabi for speaking up and sharing your feelings following last week’s tragic event in Parkland.  Take 3 minutes and listen to how Gabi feels as she heads to school this morning…



Now please share this with all your family and friends.

6 thoughts on “Please Listen To This Letter From One Of Our Polk County Students!

  • Let’s get together to protect our kids like we have to feed the hungry kids, metal detectors are the best way, just look at the courthouses,jails n prisons how they are protected!Our kids are just as important!

  • Powerful. So sick of these shootings! Even peaceful adults are having these feelings… whenever I am in a public space, especially in a crowd. I am worried for my grandchildren, and their parents… my children.
    To me, the answers are obvious…I did not vote for the people in power who are oblivious.

  • So sad. Sorry to say that poor child is in desperate need of therapy. No one can truly know how aweful and afraid she must feel but she writes so descriptively I almost felt like I was in her shoes for a moment. I hope she persues a career in writing if she hasn’t already.
    Truth is that evil is and will always be present, however it is nowhere near as prevelant as the good in all of us. We should not fear evil just because we see it on tv and Facebook everyday. The sad truth about humanity is that evil is sexy. It’s what people like to see and hear and so that is why it’s all over the news. Shocking stories sell ad space because nobody truly wants to hear about the good things that happen on a daily basis. A baby being born to wed parents who are truly in love, or maybe a kid striving to get through college to live her dream helping sick animals, etc.
    Please understand that what happened at that one school in broward county is an isolated event. There are thousands of schools in FL and millions across the country.
    Keep those kids like Gabi in your prayers and the victims families who will be missing one at dinner. We must move forward with clear heads and not making rash decisions based on very isolated events that are being hammered into our lives by media outlets.

  • This message must go to a news team such as CNN not my favorite choice, however I believe the world would hear this message from a 13 year old. I don,t have the talent to make this happen but I’m sure many who read this can make it happen. Someone please forward.

  • Lifting all involved up in prayer! Thought and prayers will you Gabi and so many others. My heart just breaks into.
    Hugs and prayers

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