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She’s Baaaccccckkkkk!!!


You heard it correctly! Moolah is back and she’s got plenty of money to give away on 97 Country! Today through October 21st, your favorite 97 Country DJs will be announcing names during the day (7:20am, 9:20am, 11:20am, and 3:20pm, to be exact). If you hear your name, you have 15 minutes to call in (863-683-9797 or 800-227-9797) to win. You will win $200 instant cash. It’s THAT easy!

Another bonus, all of our daily winners will be entered to win the $1000 Grand Prize. The 97 Country Breakfast Club will announce that winner on Monday, October 24th.

You can’t win, if you aren’t registered, so make sure to head over to our Registration Page to enter to win. Good luck!

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