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Your “Crazy Criminal Story” With Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

You have to hear this!  Click the link to catch what he shared with us this morning on 97.5 WPCV:  



Grady Judd Aug 2017

Michelle Collins from “Date Night Live” Catches Up With The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Would Michelle Collins be willing to go on a date on the show and what is her number one dating deal breaker?  Check out what she told us here:



Breakfast Club

Where Do You Draw The Line At Work?

A company is giving it’s employees the “opportunity” to be Micro Chipped at work…just wave your hand to get into the building or buy food in the cafeteria.  Would you do it?  Here’s what you had to say on The 97.5 Breakfast Club:



Micro Chip Pic

Shark Week Expert Joe Romeiro Catches Up With The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

As Shark Week gets underway we checked in with Shark Expert and Cinematographer Joe Romeiro!  Listen to his take on Michael Phelps racing a Great White Shark and the most surprising thing you may not know about sharks here:



Shark Pic 1

Catchin’ With Capt. Blake Smith On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Capt. Blake shares his tips on finding lethargic fish during our Summer heat…catch his report here:



blake pic

Parmalee Live On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Parmalee talks about naming their new CD, how they deal with band disagreements and who gets the last beer in the tour bus fridge!  Check out what they told us here:





It’s been rumored that Howie Mandel’s wife “launders” his cash before he will handle it.  I don’t think Howie’s alone…everybody has that one thing that turns on the “Germ O Phobe” switch.  Here’s what you told us on The 97.5 Breakfast Club!




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