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The Lake Gibson Braves Wrestling Team In The Spotlight On The 97.5 Breakfast Club “Pep Rally”!

Congrats to the Braves Wrestling Team for capturing a Dual Meet State Title followed by a State Title!!  Listen to the “Pep Rally” here!



Lake Gibson Pep Rally Pic

Former MLB All-Star Bob Tewksbury On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Need to sharpen your day to day “Focus”?  Listen as San Francisco Giants Mental Skills Coach Bob Tewksbury shares a few tips…



Bob Pic 2



Actor Ted McGinley Live On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Listen as Ted explains why his new movie “God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness” is relevant today, how Marion Ross saved his acting career and how many peeps he can put in his mouth at the same time!



Ted 1

“Catchin’ With Capt. Blake Smith” Live On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Use these “Post Spawn Tactics”  to land that “Lunker” this weekend in Polk County!



Blake Pic 1

FLW and Redfish Tour Pro Capt. Blake Smith!

“The Amazing Peeps Challenge” On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Who stuffed more peeps in their mouth during our annual “Puffy Peeper Challenge”?  Click  the link below and find out!


Breakfast Club Pic Jan 2018

Polk County’s “Pie Ambassador” Andy Hilton Live On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

It’s True!  Polk County has a “Pie Ambassador”!!  Check out what he shared with us on The 97.5 Breakfast Club!



Polk County's Pie Ambassador Andy Hilton March 2018

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