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Comedian Tom Papa Catches Up With Roger, Julie And DJ In The Morning!

Listen as Tom Papa talks about his new Food Network show “Baked”, which celebrity he would like to cook for and who’s responsible for cutting the bread at your next meal!



Tom papa Pic 2

Jay Allen Shares The Story Behind “Blank Stares” With Roger, Julie And DJ On 97.5 WPCV

Grab a Kleenex and watch this video and then listen to the story behind it…



Jay Allen Pic 2

“Catchin’ With Capt. Blake Smith” Live With Roger, Julie And DJ In The Morning On 97.5 WPCV!

A couple tricks to catch more fish in Central Florida this weekend!  Catch Capt. Blake’s latest report here:



Capt Blake Pic 1

“FLW and Redfish Tour Pro Capt. Blake Smith”

“Sharknado’s” Anthony C. Ferrante Live With Roger, Julie and DJ!!

Is it really the end of the “Sharknado” franchise?  How will it all wrap up?!!  Listen as Anthony gives you the scoop!



Shark 3Shark 2

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