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Catchin’ With Capt. Blake Smith On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Hot Weather fishing tips with Capt. Blake Smith!  Grab these before you head out this weekend:



Blake Pic


Winter Haven’s “Miz Daisy” Live On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

Congrats to Miz Daisy!!  2017 Clown Of The Year!  Listen to how in 10 short years she earned this highly coveted title!



Miz Daisy Visit July 2017

How Did This Mom Lose More Than Half Of Her Body Weight?!!

Congrats to Lakeland’s Heather Robertson!  She lost over half of her body weight and has kept it off for years!  What’s her secret?  Listen to what Heather shared with us on The 97.5 Breakfast Club:



Hometown Hero Weight Loss Mom July 2017


Fishing The “Churn” With Capt. Blake Smith!

It’s going to be a busy 4th of July weekend on the water so how do you successfully fish the “Churn”?  Listen to these tips from Capt. Blake Smith:



Blake Pic

Competitive Eater Miki Sudo Live On The 97.5 Breakfast Club!

 How does Miki Sudo plan on defending her title at this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and what meal does she slow down and savor?  Listen to what she told us here:



Miki 2

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