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Turns out vampires are real after all ….

…. it’s just not what you thought.

Have you ever shared your life space with someone who just sucked the life right of you? My hand is up!! What a miserable way to live. I got out and you should too. These vampires don’t look like Stefan – and certainly not like Damon – and they are the most draining people on Earth.

It’s a new year. Rid yourself of the people who don’t bring the light into your life. Keep a special lookout for ‘The Narcissist’ – they are the absolute worst and are, most often, in sheep’s clothing. I learned that lesson the hard way. Don’t be like Jeni, bid them farewell now! Click the link below for the best ways to cleanse your life of this kind of bloodsucker.

I Vill Suck Your Blood …. BYE VAMPS!!

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