Ingrid Andress Releases Personal New Single ‘Seeing Someone Else’

Ingrid Andress recently released a new song, “Seeing Someone Else,” the second track from her upcoming sophomore album.

Andress co-produced the track with longtime collaborator Sam Ellis. The song, which Andress co-wrote with Derrick Southerland and Jesse Frasure, narrates the story of an individual who’s outgrown her existing romantic relationship. Despite still being in love, she knows deep down that staying would be a detriment to both herself and eventually, him.

“I think you’re seeing someone else/ I think you’re seeing who I used to be/ I bet you wish I was the girl that you met/ Out at a bar, makin’ a mess, still 23/ And if you’re honest with yourself/ You know you’re hanging on the history, yeah, yeah/ You say you’re still in love/ But it’s so obvious when you look at me/ I think you’re seeing someone else/ Woah, woah, yeah/ Woah, woah,” the lyrics go.

“We all grow and change, but not everyone wants us to. Some people want to keep you exactly where you are for as long as possible, even if it’s hurting you. Sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening,” Andress wrote on Instagram, introducing the track to fans.

She added, “But then one day you wake up and decide the person they want you to be isn’t you anymore, so you pack your sh-t and break free from their grip. I hope this song makes you feel as liberated as I felt when writing it.”

(Photo: Jess Williams)

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