RaeLynn Shares Two New Songs ‘I Love My Hometown,’ ‘If God Took Days Off’

Country star RaeLynn recently released two new songs, “I Love My Hometown” and “If God Took Days Off.”

“I Love My Hometown,” which is an anthem for RaeLynn’s hometown of Baytown, Texas, is certain to be loved by those who have pride for their upbringing.

RaeLynn co-wrote “I Love My Hometown” with Corey Crowder, Brian Kelley and Canaan Smith. Crowder produced the track.

“You don’t get this in the city / Like you do out in the sticks / You can’t get this kind of pretty / ‘Bout as real as real can get / Cause we put the good in the good people / We put a ring on the one we love / Always country coming through the speakers / all the roads all filled with trucks / I love my hometown / holdin’ it down in my hometown / hometown, holding it down in my hometown,” she sings in the chorus of “I Love My Hometown.”

“If God Took Days Off,” produced by Ben Stennis and Crowder, speaks about how one experiences God’s love through another person. The track, written by RaeLynn, Taylor Phillips, Stennis and Cole Taylor, sees the singer wondering what her life would be like if God had taken a few days away from arranging things just as they should be.

“If God took days off, I’d be lost but not in your eyes / This kiss wouldn’t get me high / I never would have ever found heaven tonight,” RaeLynn sings.

“Y’ALL READY FOR TWO NEW SONGS? This Friday! Cause your girl ain’t done singing about hometowns and Jesus,” she had teased on social media ahead of the release.

“New year, new tour, new MUSIC! Hope y’all love these new songs as much as I love singing them,” RaeLynn announced on Instagram.

“This music is a continuation of where my heart is,” she added in a statement on Friday. “I will always love singing about my hometown and good ole Jesus! These songs are super special and only the beginning of what’s to come.”

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