MIDDAYS 10am – 2pm

    Hi! I always hesitate when it comes to bios because my interests change so frequently that this will probably be out of date minutes after upload, so I’ll do my best to tell you what I’ve been into consistently over time. Basically, I love anything that involves literature, creativity, and self-development. I took a 6 year break from radio to pursue my audiobook narration career (which I’m still doing!). In that time, I also dove into my on camera acting career and have been in a few National and regional TV commercials. Occasionally, you can find me in a local theater production. 

    Over the pandemic, I really missed connecting with other human beings and wanted to help people through tough times or just motivate them to achieve their dreams, sooooo I became a certified Life Coach! I still take on clients and it’s a super rewarding endeavor. Oh yeah…I’m also a mom! That’s important! My kiddo is the coolest dude in the world, though I am kinda biased. I’m so blessed to be part of the 97 Country team for a second time (I did mornings from 2008 to 2017) and I guess they sort of liked me because I’m back for middays! I’ve always loved the people here at Hall Communications and Central Florida in general. I may have grown up in Massachusetts, but I never was a snow bunny. Pass the sunblock! 

    There’s no place like home.