Kane Brown Karaoke!

We had an interesting time trying to give away tickets to see Kane Brown this morning with some Kane Brown Karaoke! Plus, tank tops at work, Jelly Roll’s latest sermon, and a doggy dish!

Sequel Opportunity

As usual, Hollywood is cranking out more sequels to popular movies, including another Top Gun. What sequel would you like to see? Plus, a lost heirloom, the return of a fashion show, and we find out possibly the dumbest reason for getting a traffic ticket!

Third Time’s A Charm

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd calls in to give us his latest Crazy Criminal! Plus, sad news about a popular restaurant, DJ actually has hacks for asphalt, and we tell you how AI is going to help you stay connected to your family…after you die!

RSVP (The P Stands For Presents)

On the heels of our graduation gift conversation, Chris says if you get invited to a wedding, you should get a gift whether you go to the wedding or not. Julie says nope! What say you? Plus, another wedding story featuring a surprise wedding guest, the newest airline lawsuit, and an extra lucky lottery winner!

How Apeeling

DJ confessed to something this morning: he HATES when people litter their paper trash, but he tosses his banana peels and apple cores out the window. Is he alone in this? Plus, something to make you feel refreshed, a high speed chase involving an interesting vehicle, and a senior prank that got creative instead of destructive!

Prank You Very Much

Some high school seniors might have gone too far with their class prank, but is it possible school officials are to blame? Plus, Mother’s Day meals, DJ’s small business hacks, and Chris talks about racing alligators again!

To Delete Or Not To Delete?

Now that Chris is single again, should he delete pictures on social media of his ex before he jumps back in the dating pool. Julie says burn it all down! What do you think? We loved hearing what you had to say! Plus, the latest Boeing incident, secrets to get to a 107th birthday, and Richard Simmons reappears…sort of.

One Country Song

If you had ONE song to play to turn someone into a country music fan, what would it be? You guys had some pretty good answers! Plus, DJ’s tourist hacks, we discuss the latest celebrity roast, and a disastrous first date!

If You’re Not Out Of The Pool, Urine The Pool

Julie and DJ think it’s just fine to, as Julie says, “do a little teetee in the pool”, as long as you’re the only one in it. Chris says absolutely not! We found what you’re doing in the pool too! Plus, crying in the gym, DJ’s ghost hacks, and Matthew McConaughey stopped by the show to talk about his tequila brand!

Liar Liar, Mom and Dad On Fire!

A young boy has gone viral for a video where he calls his parents out for the lies they tell, which got us to wondering: what lies did your parents tell you as a kid that you believed? We couldn’t believe some of your answers!