Stand By Your Ban

We recently had a guy call in who said his wife BANNED him from wearing jean shorts, which got us to wondering: what other things have guys been banned from by their spouses? We LOVED your answers! Plus, new toupees, wedding fees, and a very interesting theory about the upcoming solar eclipse.

Thou Shalt Not Text

Chris went to church for Easter Sunday and witnessed something that bothered him! Plus, DJ’s hacks for Boomers, minor league baseball mascots, and a lottery winner who might have made a bad decision?

Sister Sister

Julie and Chris are absolutely perplexed over the story of the conjoined twins, Abby and Brittany. Abby recently got married…but Brittany didn’t?! We confused someone else as well!

Dream On

Have you ever had a dream or a premonition, and then it came true? Julie recently did, and we asked you to share yours as well! Plus, the latest bad game from Chris, hot dog flavored seltzer water, and Nurse Honey Boo Boo?

Julie K For Mayor!

Julie K is considering running for Mayor of Lakeland! Will she have your vote? Plus, another gender reveal party gone wrong, ball park hot dogs, and DJ’s run-in with the law!

*Insert Hiccup Noise Here*

Julie and Chris wanted to know what you do to sure your hiccups and your answers were…interesting! Plus, a missing dress, The Rock sings, and a billion dollar proposal!

Crop A Top Again

Julie, DJ, and Chris discuss a trend that the young fellas are “discovering” these days: crop tops. Plus, crying babies, a new way to apply makeup, and find out what chore a Brooklyn man is doing for others!

You Broc My World

It’s National Broccoli Day, so we celebrated by letting DJ share his broccoli hacks. Who knew there were broccoli hacks? Plus, a movie marathon coming to theaters, the worst first date outfit, and something tastes wrong at the Outback!

Ding Dong! Pt 2

Julie, DJ, and Chris spoke with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd today and got his take on the story from yesterday (3/19) regarding the man who shot a paintball gun after some kids kept ringing his doorbell and running. Plus, a new shot to order at a bar, DJ’s pollen season hacks, and a different way to go swimming at Disney World!

Ding Dong!

A man got into trouble for the way he handled some teenagers who were ringing his doorbell and running. Was the man right for protecting himself or did he take it too far? We asked for your take on it and we heard you loud and clear! Plus, a rescued deer, an assaulted horse, and million dollar video!