Microwave? More Like Micrograve

Julie might have accidentally ruined one of the microwaves at the station, but she previously brought in an extra one years ago. Does she owe the company a new one? Find out what everyone thinks!

Brotherly Love In Mulberry On Saturday Night

Sheriff Judd talks with the crew this morning all about porch pirates and brotherly bonds! Plus, we find a listener who really knows their food mascots!

The Tax of Life

Chris wants to impose an Annoyance Tax! What annoying thing would you like to tax people for? Plus, a different kind of delivery driver, a new home defense system, and a bus driver loses it!

Uber Goober

Julie had a couple of recent experiences with Uber drivers and she’s noticed something about them that may or may not be a good thing! Plus, some competition for country star Jelly Roll, bored kids, and a listener who really knows her booze!

Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Chris surprised Julie and DJ with an “exclusive new” song from “Morgan Wallen and Eric Church” all about Morgan’s latest mishap. Plus, a new way to walk, why you shouldn’t touch some guy’s phones, and signs that you’re getting old!

Bless You!

Julie called Chris out this morning because he doesn’t say “Bless you” after anyone sneezes. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal…he might be wrong.

See Ya Later, Alligator!

Apparently, Chris thinks he can outrun an alligator? Julie, DJ, and ALL of our listeners aren’t quite so sure…Plus, DJ’s tax hacks, French cows, and a new pharmaceutical commercial!

Man Made A Bar…And Then Got Arrested There

Welp, looks like Morgan Wallen is at it again! We talk about his latest arrest, plus, solar eclipse madness, the worst surgery to have during an earthquake, and why you should hide your toothbrush in a hotel room!

Mac Attack!

A simple discussion about silverware between Julie and Chris turned into a huge conversation about everyone’s favorite comfort food: mac and cheese! So many of you had thoughts to share about this delicious dish!

Pop A Squat

We talked with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd this morning all about the increasing issue with squatters and what he’s doing about it! Plus, a crazy criminal that takes us back in time!